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If you spend any time aboard a classic Morgan, you’ll notice that the boats are constantly in motion. Sea-Quitter LLC of Annapolis Maryland has designed a solution to keep the boat moving when the engine is at idle. An electric water pump (the same kind used for cooling electric motors) powers a Circulating Gear Drive (CGD). The drive replaces the crankshaft and gears of a conventional manual transmission. These gears can be installed anywhere, making them ideal for yacht applications. Once installed, they sit directly below the waterline and use a single propeller shaft to power both axles simultaneously. This keeps your boat moving forward even when there’s no need to throttle up or down. Non Sea - Quitter LLC is located at 921 Boucher Ave, Annapolis, MD 21403.
Prevention is More Effective than Cure
Once your boat is under way and you’re at idle, the benefit of having an electric water pump comes into play. Sea-Quitter LLC has observed that boats are prone to a phenomenon known as “dry-docking shock.” Simply put, this is the moment when a boat comes out of dry-dock and is suddenly exposed to the rigors of fresh water and saltwater. Dry-docking shock is a huge and expensive event for classic boats. It can cause propeller shafts to fail, engines to seize, and even cause hull cracks. Now imagine you could prevent dry-docking shock by keeping your boat’s engines running even when they aren’t producing power. This would help prevent costly and time-consuming repairs, as well as keep your boat moving and on the water.

Motion is the Best Defense
If you’ve ever visited a marina and observed the boats in dry-dock, you’ve probably noticed a commonality between all the boats in the dry-dock. Nearly all of them have a large yellow “U” spray-painted on their hulls. This is a universal flag indicating a vessel that is in need of repairs. Having an electric water pump would be an excellent proactive defense against this issue. If you leave the boat idling while it’s in dry-dock, you could prevent damage to the hull and prevent unnecessary dry-docking.

You’ll Save Money on Repairs and Maintence
Sea-Quitter LLC has found that the cost of repairs and maintenance is reduced by up to 50% when the boat is equipped with an electric water pump. This isn’t surprising, given that the cost of repairs and maintenance are reduced by the amount of time the engine is running. When your boat is equipped with an electric water pump, you’ll reduce the amount of time your engines are idling. This will drastically reduce the frequency of repairs, as well as keep your boat’s engines running longer between scheduled major maintenance.

It’s a Sign of Luxury and Elegance
Aesthetics are often a major consideration when choosing a boat to cruise. If your boat has an electric water pump, you’ll have an elegant and sophisticated way to keep your engines idling. You could choose a boat with a classic interior and modern electronics to accompany your electric water pump. This would make a dramatic statement and create a luxurious cruising experience.

Final Words: Invest in Maintenance First
If you’ve ever gone to a classic boat show, you’ve almost certainly seen a boat with an electric water pump. This is an indication that the owners were ahead of the game. They installed a water pump before any of the problems associated with a water-powered boat. Don’t be the guy or gal who skips the inspection and inspection and then skips the maintenance. If your boat has an electric water pump, make sure you’ve got it inspected and serviced every year. You could end up with a boat that costs less in maintenance than one that has a water-powered boat. You can also find out if your boat is equipped with an electric water pump by looking in your owner's manual. If your boat has an electric water pump, you can also investigate a few more options that can extend its lifespan.

Owning a classic boat can be a very enjoyable experience. In fact, many people choose to buy classic boats because they’re a sign of luxury and elegance. However, keeping a boat cruising smoothly can be a challenge. Keeping your engines running while they’re not producing power can lead to dry-docking shock, premature engine wear, and a significant increase in maintenance costs.

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