Watermen's Monument

If you’re an avid kayaker, boater, fisherman, or just someone who loves the water, it’s very likely that you’ve already heard about The Watermen’s Monument. Located in Grasonville, MD 21638,  and dedicated to the men and women who work on the Chesapeake Bay waterways, this monument is sure to inspire anyone who comes across it. Here are 6 reasons why you should visit Grasonville Maryland and explore its many water activities!

You can experience a unique outdoor art exhibit
The Watermen’s Monument is more than just a monument to the people who worked on the Bay—it’s also a unique outdoor art exhibit. Located right on the water, visitors can enjoy the view of the water while they look at stunning artwork that celebrates the Bay’s history. Each of the 28 stainless steel panels contains art that represents the many places and people we love in the Chesapeake Bay. The monument is part of the Chesapeake Outdoor Sculpture Initiative (COSSI), a partnership between the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Washington, DC, Convention and Visitors’ Bureau. Through a competitive selection process, artists were awarded commissions to create the statues that adorn the monument.

It’s part of the Maryland Water Trail, which makes it easy to visit all 7 locations
The Watermen’s Monument is part of the Maryland Water Trail, a string of outdoor water monuments that create a series of water trails across the state. From the low-lying marshes in the western part of the state to the state’s largest freshwater lake, the trail connects all of the region’s most beautiful waterways. The monument is located near many other water activities, like kayaking, fishing, canoeing, and more. Visiting the monument is a great way to start your water adventures in the state. It’s located in the western part of the state, which means that you can easily explore all of the area’s natural water activities. The state’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Ontario, is nearby, making it easy to pack all of your water activities into one trip.

It has some of the best kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding routes in the state
Kayakers and stand-up paddlers in Grasonville Maryland will enjoy the water at The Watermen’s Monument. Located in Grasonville, the monument is only a short drive from many of the state’s best kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding routes. The monument’s location means that you can kayak or stand up paddleboard right up to the monument itself. This is a great way to enjoy a great outdoor activity while being near the monument.

Final Thoughts
If you’ve never been to the Watermen’s Monument in Grasonville Maryland, you are missing out on a truly unique outdoor experience. The Watermen’s Monument is a monument that celebrates the people who work on the Bay. It’s also an outdoor art exhibit that contains artwork that celebrates the area’s many places and people. What’s even better than that? The Watermen’s Monument is located near many kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding routes, making it an easy outdoor activity to incorporate into any trip. All in all, there is no better place to visit in the state of Maryland.

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