Hammond-Harwood House

The architectural design of this home has been described as an “architectural marriage” between Stick and Classical Revivals, with elements from each style used throughout. It also features a number of different architectural styles including Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne and Colonial Revival. You can visit this amazing attraction at 19 Maryland Ave, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Viewing Platform and Steps at the Hammond-Harwood House
Visitors must enter the house through the front door, which is located on the left of the building. There is a small wooden viewing platform that sits above the front door and provides a view of the house’s exterior. The platform has been worn down by frequent visitors, but it is still in place. It is not necessary to visit the house in order to see the platform and steps, but it does make the experience more interesting. The platform and steps should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Visitors may also choose to stand at the side of the house, but this does not provide a view of the exterior.

The Morning Room and Sun Parlor
The Morning Room is located on the first floor of the house and is one of the first rooms visitors will see upon entering the home. This room was likely used as a parlor during the Victorian era and features large windows along the entire length of the room that provide ample sunlight during the day. The Morning Room contains a grandfather clock made by the Seth Thomas Clock Company of Connecticut. The clock is known as the “Ellicott City Minute Mule” for its ability to chime on the hour as well as each quarter-hour. The Sun Parlor is located on the second floor of the house and provides a view of the surrounding area. The room contains a large window that provides a view of the properties across the street as well as the cityscape of Washington, DC. The room also features a large fireplace with a carved mantelpiece that was likely added at a later date.

The Living Room and Dining Room
The Living Room is located on the first floor of the house and features a large fireplace along one wall. The fireplace features an intricate wood carving of a centaur and is likely the work of an artisan at one of the nearby lumber yards. The mantelpiece along the other wall of the room is decorated with a painting of a gilded goddess along with several statues. The Living Room was likely used as the main living area of the house during the Victorian era. The dining room is located on the first floor of the house and was likely used as a dining room during the Victorian era. The room contains a large dining table that was likely purchased at a furniture store.

The Hammond-Harwood House is a historic home located in Ellicott City, Maryland. Completed in 1891, the house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is part of the Evening Star Architectural Complex. The house was named after the original owners, George Hammond and his wife Henrietta Harwood.

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